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Personal Spring Cleaning!

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Spring Is Upon Us!


Many of us are thinking of new beginnings!
The first crocus have burst forth in bloom, followed by the daffodils!

Personal Spring

By James Petts from London, England


The animals are scurrying around in their playful spring flirtation!


Personal Spring

By Jon Pinder

Many of us are starting our spring cleaning and preparing for a summer of fun!

Some of us are planning our gardens and weekend getaways and vacations!


In All These Thoughts Of New Beginnings And New Plans Have You Taken The Time To Think About Your Plan For You?


Have you thought about your personal spring cleaning?

Have you thought about cleaning the cobwebs out of your own thoughts about you and your life?

Personal Spring Cleaning

Have you thought about the seeds you want to plant for a new harvest in your life?

Is there something you have always wanted to do but the circumstances of life caused you to set the idea on a shelf?

Have you ever wondered if there was a way you could build a business and a life around something you truly enjoy?

Have you ever considered the opportunity of working online?


I was put in a position because of a car accident that I had no choice but to think about planning a new garden for a new harvest, metaphorically speaking!

With a road of recovery ahead of me I knew I wasn’t going to be able to return to being a professional driver of tractor trailers very quickly, so it was time to look for something new to do! You can read my story here.

I have always thought about having my own business!
I had even tried a few things, but the circumstances of life got in the way of me being able to develop those ventures into anything truly profitable.

I had never really had the opportunity to learn computers, so I never really considered working online as an option, but now that was the only option.

If you read my story you know how I discovered the world of Affiliate Marketing and you read of how I fell into a scam and then was led to Wealthy Affiliate.


What I Found Was So Much More Then Just A Financial Opportunity, It Was A Life Changing Opportunity!


I had a clear enough perspective to know that to build any business takes work, but as I have always said, give me the knowledge and the training and I can do anything, well at least most anything, lol. 🙂

Yet I was prepared to work to learn the world of Affiliate Marketing if I could just find someway and somewhere to learn it.


That Opportunity Sprung Into My Life With Wealthy Affiliate, They Are A Virtual Online University!

WA-Personal Spring Cleaning
And not only do they have the incredible step by step training, but they also provide all the tools necessary to develop an online business and there is an amazing community of like minded entrepreneurs who support you!

In my Wealthy Affiliate Review I go into great detail so I encourage you to read it!

Many of us at this time of year are visiting and exploring nurseries and deciding what flowers and plants we want for our yards and gardens and homes.

Well the best part of Wealthy Affiliate is that it is totally FREE to sign up and come in for a visit, and investigate for yourself and decide if Affiliate Marketing is something you would be interested in.


Wealthy Affiliate Can Be A New Garden Of Opportunity For You That Will Allow You To Work Towards The Future Of An Incredible Harvest Of A New Life!

Wildflower Harvest

A life of freedom as you have a work you enjoy, as you work according to your desires, as you establish your hours, your dress code and your location of work.

Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich quick scheme! But if you don’t mind tilling and working the soil of a new venture and nurturing the life of a new online business, as you work towards the harvest of that new life, then it is time to do some personal spring cleaning and plan that new personal garden.

If you would like to learn more about Getting Started FREE just click here!

Thank you for visiting! 🙂

If you have any thoughts you would like to share or any questions please feel free to leave them below!

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Handling Life’s Challenges!

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Everyone has challenges in life!


And handling life’s challenges can be daunting!

What people fail to realize when they start an online adventure, is that just because your online business lacks a physical structure it doesn’t make it any less of a business!

If you were starting a business with a physical store front, lacking previous experience, I don’t have to really tell you how overwhelming that could be.

Developing a business plan alone would be challenging. There would be the all the financial details, including loans, taxes, licenses, insurances, equipment, product, security systems, storm cloudpromotion etc.

Then if life’s challenges come into your life like a storm, you might lose it all!

I actually had a family member that this happened to. They had been building a quite successful carpet business and unfortunately had their home tied up in the business. It was a flood that destroyed their business and they lost their home.


There are many advantages to developing an online income!


The best advantage of starting an online business is that I can show you how to explore what the journey will involve absolutely FREE, and then you can decide if online marketing is something that is right for you!

Starting your online journey, if you have no previous experience, will take learning, planning and an investment of your time!

If you are willing to provide the effort, I would like to WAintroduce you to the Virtual Online Academy of Wealthy Affiliate where you will have all the training, tutorials, tools and support you will need to get started for FREE.

So without any financial investment you have the opportunity to explore the amazing world of online marketing and nothing to lose except a little bit of your time!


My only warning is – This is not a get rich quick plan!


Online marketing is a business!

And like any business it takes time and effort! The learning curve depends on you!

Some of us have more to learn then others. We all have different learning styles. And we all have different challenges in life.

For the challenges will be there!

Whether it is a full time job, family responsibilities, health challenges or any number of other responsibilities you may have.


Yet that is another significant advantage to online marketing!


You can build your business at whatever pace your life allows!

When you maintain the perspective that you are building Overcome the Challengean online income for your future, it will help you to hold onto your dream as you overcome life’s challenges!

I know this all too well. I started with precious little knowledge of even the computer.

So while I studied and learned I saw others who started at the same time as I did progress much more quickly.

Then life through me a couple more challenges and once again my progress was hindered.

I am the type of person though that keeps my eye on the rainbow at the end of the storm!Autumn Rainbow

I learned long ago, when faced with a struggle keep going, focusing each day on doing whatever it is that you can accomplish that day. No matter how small the step may be!

And you are here reading this now, because I did! 🙂

You see the important thing to remember is that it isn’t a race, it is an ongoing journey!

And if you are willing to persistently stay the course, you will achieve success in establishing and building your online income!


An income that leads to freedom!


There is an incredible freedom in being able to work where you want, whenever you want, dressed as you like, without having to be critiqued by others!

All you need is your computer and an internet connection! And the desire!


Do You Have That Desire?!


If you do, then let me help you get started!


Get Started Now

If you have any questions or thoughts you’d like to share, please feel free to leave them below! 🙂

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How To Sell Affiliate Products!

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First – What Is An Affiliate Product?


I remember the first time I heard of Affiliate Marketing, I was watching an Affiliate Marketinginfomercial. It was an easy concept for me to understand because of the experiences of my life.

Most people understand that there are products, such as automobiles, that when purchased in a retail environment, the salesperson receives a commission.

I was very aware of this because I had family members who were automobile salesmen, and yes they were men. 🙂  Also, when I worked in retail, I was promoted to the shoe department because they wanted to give me the opportunity to earn a commission on each pair of shoes I sold.

A company or person has a product, service or talent to sell, to those who have a need or desire for their product, service or talent.

That is the way of life and it has been for a very long time.

Nothing has really changed except technology!

Today, though we still have brick and mortar buildings where we still do some of our shopping, more and more people are turning to the internet not just to seek information but to do their shopping as well!

This is where Affiliate Marketing comes in!

In this situation you become the Affiliate, as you affiliate yourself with the company, to promote and market their product or service, in order to earn a commission which is a percentage of the sale price. This is your Affiliate product!


How Do You Promote And Market The Product?


Sales techniques haven’t really changed. Only the process that is dictated because of the technological changes.


To launch a successful marketing campaign you still need:

To know your product

To know your customer

To be able to communicate with you customer, and

To have the tools to advertise so as to locate and connect with your customer


The advantage of the internet is that the world is your audience and you have an incredible, unlimited global potential!

World Computer Connection

There Are So Very Many Advantages!


Let me share a few with you:

You are free of anyone over your shoulder

You set your own schedule

You can build your business around your passion, hobby or interests selling anything you desire or choose, developing your business into a full time income

You can work from anywhere you like provided you have an internet connection

You can dress however you like, even in your pajamas if you choose

No long commutes or traffic issues, just think of the savings in gas and wear and tear on your vehicle

Your business is in operation 24/7/365 so you can even gain sales while you sleep, you are always open for business

There is no inventory required, thus no handling or shipping of the product required

There are millions of products to choose from, if you can buy it online, most likely you can find an affiliate program

There are thousands of legitimate affiliate programs of reputable companies

Signing up to be an affiliate is FREE

If a customer goes through your site to a company you are an affiliate for, and purchases a product other then the one you advertised, you will still get your commission; if they purchase additional products to the one you are promoting that means additional commissions for you

There are no customer service issues to deal with

You are not limited to one product or even one affiliate program

Payments are handled by the company

There is no limit on the level of income you can generate

You are helping someone fulfill a need or desire or both

You can start for FREE


So How Do You Begin?


Let me show you the best foundation to build and how to lay that foundation Absolutely FREE!

Four Exciting Steps

4 Steps to Making Money

First – One of the things that is the most exciting is that you can build your Affiliate Marketing Business around your passion, hobby of interests

Second – Building a website has never been easier then it is today and you can build your website Absolutely FREE.

Your website is your billboard, your advertising campaign for the company or companies you have chosen to be an Affiliate for.

Once your website is built, and you are signed up with an affiliate program, you will be given a special link you will put on your site to promote their products, which will track your customers from your site.

Third – I would like to introduce you to the amazing virtual online academy Wealthy Affiliate, where you can get started FREE learning how to build your online business. You will be taught how to get ranked well on the search engines such as Google and how to drive customers to your site.

Fourth – After applying your efforts to following the first 3 steps you are on your way to establishing your online income


How Do You Earn That Income?


After you have decided on your interest or niche, you help your customer!

You see, there are over two billion people surfing the internet looking for a way to fulfill a need or a desire, and that is your goal as an Affiliate Marketer, to fulfill their need or desire!

Let me show you

Earning Revenue Online

Click here

As this chart reflects, someone surfing the internet either types in a search, or clicks on something shared on a social site, that leads them to your site.

Then they read your quality content as you communicate with your customer.

Hopefully you have convinced them to then take action and follow through with a purchase.

At which time they are sent to the retailer and after their purchase you are paid a commission.

I would like to share with you a video tutorial on this process of Affiliate Marketing, click here.


So now that you have a better understanding of  how to sell an Affiliate product are you ready to get started?


Remember – There Is No Time Like The Present!


If you have any questions or thought you’d care to share please feel free to below!



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Why Is Community Important?

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Have You Ever Had To Do Something Alone?

Silhouette Community-?

Have you ever had to do something alone, without the help of anyone? Which one of us hasn’t?

So have you learned as I have, that in most all cases a job gets done more quickly when you have help?

And if you have the benefit of support and help with expertise, it not only gets the job done more quickly, but also more efficiently with better quality results!

That Is Why Community Is Important!


The Word!


The word Community according to Webster’s New World College Dictionary has it’s origin in Latin, meaning: fellowship.

Fellowship is defined in Webster’s Dictionary as meaning: a friendly association, a friendly relationship among people; a mutual sharing of experience, activity, interest, etc.; a group, or community, or relationship of people who share the same interests, company, feelings, activity, experience.


The Truth!


Precious few people will argue the truth that we all have desire to share the journey of life with another and others. That we have a desire for unity!

That desire is reflected in so very many ways! It is reflected in our desire for a companion, family, friends. It is reflected in our Raftingdesire to share social events with another and friends. There are so very many that enjoy the camaraderie and the enthusiasm felt in the unity of a team sport, and  enjoy joining in with a crowd cheering for a team to win at a sports event. Or for some it is the desire of the warmth of sharing a casual walk in the park. These, and so very many other scenarios, all reflect not only our desire for community and fellowship, but also the joy and the support such fellowship brings to the journey of life!


So Let Me Introduce You To To Wealthy Affiliate Community!


The Wealthy Affiliate Community epitomizes the definitions of the words Community and Fellowship!

Wealthy Affiliate is a group, a friendly gathering together of people via the internet, who share the interest and desire for Online Marketing!

A Community that has members from Around the World! Therefore, the community is active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Community of the World

A Community where you can always have support and help; where you can always get an answer to your question in a timely fashion, with the help of knowledgeable Online Entrepreneurs and Experts. At Wealthy Affiliate even the owners, Kyle and Carson, are actively involved in the community!

Wealthy Affiliate is the community to share the journey with you, never leaving you alone, on your own!


Let’s Be Honest!


Any business is a challenge to bring to success, and every success story has been achieved with help!

Wealthy Affiliate is the Best True Community in the Online Marketing World!

In this community you will find the positive team unity of those who share your dream!

The members of the community are continually striving to help each member achieve their goals!


Do You Have A Dream Of An Online Income?


If you are serious about achieving success online, are you ready to link with a community of successful entrepreneurs?

It is ABSOLUTELY FREE to Get Started and join the community!


The Community Is Only The Beginning!


When you join the community FREE you will also be able to Build 2 FREE Websites with FREE Hosting!

You will also have the opportunity to learn how to develop those websites with FREE Training! Wealthy Affiliate is a Virtual Online Academy with an incredible library of courses, tutorials, video training and so much more. To learn more about developing your website into an online income click here.


Are You Ready?


You Have Absolutely Nothing To Lose and Everything To Gain!

That is what sets Wealthy Affiliate apart from all others! You are given the opportunity to join and explore for FREE, and you are given the opportunity to use your FREE gifts to help you decide if online marketing is something you desire to pursue!

With everything provided FREE to get started, you are guaranteed this is no scam. I wish I had known of Wealthy Affiliate before I fell victim to scams, and that is why I desire to share this opportunity with you and others!


I Would Like To Extend An Invitation To You To Join Our Community And Make It Your Community As Well!


Let us help you discover the wonderful world of online marketing! And let us help you build your success story!

Remember, true success is always built with the help of community and fellowship!

I Hope To See You In Wealthy Affiliate Soon! 🙂


Change Your Life with Wealthy Affiliate
If you have any thoughts you would like to share or any questions you would like to ask, please feel free to leave them below! Share The Knowledge

How To Build Your Own Website Free!

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I Would Like To Introduce You To! sign up

I would like to show you how to build your own website FREE! is an Innovative and Incredible platform that was launched to offer everyone the FREE opportunity to discover if they would genuinely enjoy a website and an online venture of their own.

At your website, though still a full website, is a sub domain. Which means it is an extension of another domain. In this case it is an extension of Wealthy Affiliate!

Building a FREE website with allows you the time to develop your plans and to learn if internet marketing is something you would genuinely like to pursue!

At You Will Receive A FREE Membership With Wealthy Affiliate!


WA With Your FREE Membership Provides You With:


2 Completely FREE Fully Functional Websites.

FREE State of the Art, Highly Secure and High Performance Hosting.

Your Domain Name at No Cost, and though you will not own your Domain Name, you will have the time to think about the Domain Name that you feel will be the best suited for your site and your audience, if you should decide to continue.

The Opportunity to Test a Niche to discover if that Niche is something you desire to invest your time in.

The Choice of your Theme Design from approximately 12 different themes.

Access To FREE Education through Wealthy Affiliate’s Virtual Online Academy, giving you all the training necessary to Get Started!

Time to Experiment while focusing on learning all you need to know to develop your website and get it ranked well, before deciding to invest any money.


How Will You Build Your Own Website?


You will build your website using the most widely used platform in the world – WordPress!

And Wealthy Affiliate uses WordPress Express, which is the easiest website builder to use in the world! It literally only takes minutes, with no technological knowledge necessary. When completed your site is fully set up for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Once your website is built you will be able to begin your FREE training. Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to develop your website on the foundation you have laid, and you will be given the opportunity to create a business, building an online income. Affords You A Great Opportunity to start internet marketing  FREE, with zero monetary costs to see if this is what you would like to do.

When you have made your decision, and you have found your Niche, and you have chosen your Domain Name, you will be able to move your to your very own domain in seconds.


Can You Make Money With A


The answer to that question is – YES!

I have personally read the stories, the results and been in contact with those who have experienced success with a website.

Yet most use as I have shared with you. As a learning tool until they are ready to purchase their very own piece of online real estate.

Once they know they are prepared to invest their time in a new future, they are ready to invest in their own Domain Name.  A Domain Name is an investment of approximately $10. Remember – No Website, No Success! Is The Best! Is The Best Way To Explore FREE, With ABSOLUTELY NO COSTS, Before deciding if internet marketing is something you would like to pursue!



Nothing Ventured-Nothing Gained

You Have Absolutely Nothing To Lose And Everything To Gain!

So How About Getting Started Right Now?

All You Have To Do Is Type In Your Free Domain Name Below and Click on the Build It Now button to Get Started.

And if you should decide you would like to change your domain name later, no problem! All you have to do is delete the present website and start another. You will lose nothing, as you will always be able to maintain 2 FREE websites with your FREE membership!


Are You Ready To Build Your Website for FREE Now? 🙂


If you have any questions or thoughts you’d like to share, I’d enjoy hearing from you, so  please feel free to leave them below! 🙂

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New Start For The New Year!

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After Three Weeks Into The New Year Do You Have Your New Start For The New Year?

Last year an incredible treasure came into my life!

Because of this treasure I have had an amazing start to the New Year!

Now I would like to help you have a wonderful New Start to the New Year!

If you make your start today by the end of this year you could have a whole new future before you!fireworks

This is why I am celebrating and so excited!

You see, last year I discovered that there truly is a legitimate opportunity to learn Online Marketing and to build an Online Income!

I was in a situation that had me at home on a limited income. This is my story.

As I shared in my story I was introduced to Affiliate Marketing while recovering from an automobile accident.

Being new to the internet and having fallen victim to scams I had decided I would rather just seek online employment.

While seeking an income and seeking to avoid scams I was led to a marvelous site that introduced me to Wealthy Affiliate!

Wealthy Affiliate is the only completely legitimate and honest opportunity I have found online!

They are a Virtual Online Academy where you can learn everything you need to know to build an online income!

Where you have access to all the necessary tools needed to build your online income FREE!

And where you will find the most amazing Community that will support you every step of the way!

The Number One Attribute that gives accreditation to their legitimacy is the opportunity to Start FREE!

Not only can you Start FREE but you have 7 Days of Complete Access to the Complete Program when you sign up!

When you sign up no personal information is asked of you – No Phone Number, No Address, No Credit Card Number.

This is the only information you are asked for:

WA Sign Up
You can remain a FREE Member for as long as you desire!

After your 7 day tour and exploration of Wealthy Affiliate’s complete program and all Wealthy Affiliate has to offer, you will have the opportunity to join as a Premium Member for the first month at the special price of $19 which is a 59% discount of the Monthly Premium Membership of $47.

Here is a comparison chart of what is available as a FREE Member in comparison to a Premium Membership

Wealthy Affiliate Membership ComparisonIf you would like to read a marvelous article discussing this comparison click here.

As You Have Seen, As A Free Member You Receive Everything You Need To Explore And Discover If Affiliate Marketing Is For You!


You receive 2 FREE Siterubix Websites with FREE Templates for these websites and FREE state of the art, secure and fast Hosting!

You Have Access To The

Online Entrepreneur Certification Banner

Which Includes These 10 Lessons

Course One Lessons

You Also Have Access To The

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Banner

Which Includes These 10 Lessons

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Lessons

You also have the opportunity to participate in the Affiliate Program promoting Wealthy Affiliate if you choose!

You have your own Blog!

You have access to the Wealthy Affiliate FREE Keyword tool and 30 FREE searches on the exceptional  Jaaxy Keyword tool!

There is the FREE Rapid Writer tool!

And of the utmost importance you have an amazing Community of Entrepreneurs at all levels of success, including the owners themselves Kyle & Carson, who are active in the community on a daily basis!

You receive everything you need to begin to build a New Future!

So Why Not Make This Year Your Best Year Ever?


With A New Start For The New Year!

Get Started Today!

If you have any thoughts you would like to share please feel free to leave them below! 🙂 Share The Knowledge

Black Friday Continues

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Still Looking For The Ultimate Black Friday Special?


Well I Have That Special For You And It Is An Incomparable Gift!                                                                                  Gift Box 


The Date Has Now Been Extended Through December 4th, 2014


I have a bit of a Treasure Hunt for you!


Rather then duplicate all the information I am going to ask you to read here NOW!!


This Is A Gift You Will Not Want To Miss Out On!


And then I am going to encourage you to continue discovering this Amazing Gift by going here





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Black Friday Cyber Monday 2014

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The Ultimate Black Friday – Cyber Monday 2014 Gift!


Would Like To Give:


  • The gift that can change someone’s life?
  • The gift that be a new beginning?
  • The gift that can last a lifetime?
  • The gift can bring joy in so very many ways?

When I was facing some serious challenges in life I was in a position where I had to look for a new beginning. You can read more of my story here.

Eventually I was blessed to be led to this gift!Gift Box

Now I would like to introduce you to this gift for a loved one or maybe for you yourself!


The Gift Of A Dream!


If you or a loved one has ever entertained the idea of working online, I would like to share with you the best pathway to fulfilling that dream!



The best part of the opportunity is that you can investigate the opportunity for FREE, Completely FREE.


Please beware of the many scams online, and know that if an opportunity is honest and legitimate there will always be an option to explore that opportunity for FREE!


At Wealthy Affiliate you are able to sign up with just this information:

WA Sign Up

And take notice of the information not asked for – no phone number, no credit card information, no obligation – truly Completely FREE!


One can maintain a FREE Starter Membership for as long as they like, but the Premium Membership has so much more to offer and is the best offer I have ever seen!


There is nowhere online that truly offers you the complete package of education, tools, training of all varieties, and community with access 24/7/365 to other entrepreneurs, many of them experts in their field including the owners themselves who are actively involved in the community.



The Best Gift of All Is The Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday – Cyber Monday Offer!


If you have followed the links you have seen that there is the FREE Starter Membership and there is the Premium Membership which is only $47 per month or $359 per year, a savings of $205 dollars.


The Black Friday – Cyber Monday Offer is $299 for the yearly Premium Membership, that is a savings of $265, only $24.92 per month or 82 cents a day – that is less than the cost of a cup of coffee!WA Coffee Mug


Isn’t a new beginning and the opportunity to build a new future worth the cost per day of a partial cup of coffee?


It has been priceless to me!


Wealthy Affiliate is a virtual Online Academy, yet the education for online marketing is more then I would have ever been able to experience at any academy!

Let me share this video with you on 7 Reasons why Wealthy Affiliate’s Black Friday Special Is A Wise Investment

Jay's 7 Reasons

So What Are You Waiting For?


Go Shopping For The Best Gift, The Ultimate Gift, The Gift For A Lifetime!


Black Friday


If you have any questions or comments you would like to share please feel free to leave them below!

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Online Black Friday Specials

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The Day After Thanksgiving Day Has Traditionally Become Known As Black Friday!

Most of us understand that with so many people home Christmas Shoppersfrom work for the holiday weekend and with the stores having their incredible special sales, Christmas shopping begins! For some it has even become a family tradition. 🙂 The stores  are all hoping that this day will bring the profits they have been working towards all year long!

With more and more people shopping online, now there are many Online Black Friday Specials as well! Many people simply prefer to avoid the holiday crowds, and the chaos that is sometimes associated with those crowds!

And some people are looking for a unique gift that may be more easily found online!

Because of the increasing number of shoppers online there are many Online Black Friday Specials to be found as well!


Of All The Online Black Friday Specials Let Me Introduce You To The Ultimate Black Friday Special!


Would You Like A Very Special Gift For Your Loved One?

The gift that will bless your loved one each day for the entire Gift Boxyear!

The gift that will give your loved one a new beginning!

Wouldn’t a new beginning be the best gift to give someone you love?!

A gift that will last for more then a moment!

A gift they can reopen each day!

A gift that can put them on the pathway to a new future!

I have been given that gift and I would like to share it with you!


So Very Many People Are Seeking An Opportunity To Begin Building An Online Income!


Different people have different reasons!Christmas Laptop

Some people want to develop a second income!

Some people want to develop an income that will allow them to be free!

Some people want to build resources that will allow them to enjoy their retirement!

Some people want to build something so that they might be able to help others!

Some people want to build an online income for all those reasons and more!

Who are you shopping for that has such a dream?


Would You Like To Give Such A Gift Of Opportunity To One You Love?


Well you can!

You can give them the gift that will allow your loved one to pursue their dream!

You can actually give them that gift for FREE!

Years ago I worked in retail! I had a very loyal following of customers that would come to me no matter what department I worked in because they knew I would be honest with them! If a dress wasn’t flattering and I was asked for my opinion they knew I would tell them the truth, and they knew that I would then take the time to lead them in the direction of the best dress!

Now I would like to encourage you to go shopping for your loved one!

I was blessed with the gift of this opportunity and now I would like to share it with you!


There Is A Wonderful Place Online Called Wealthy Affiliate!


Wealthy Affiliate is a virtual online academy! I would encourage you to read my review!

In the review you will see that you can start for FREE, Absolutely Free. And I would encourage you to check out Wealthy Affiliate!

To go shopping for that special gift!

In the review you will also read of the Premium Membership! The Premium Membership gives you unlimited access to everything Wealthy Affiliate has to offer! With absolutely no upsells! I encourage to read about the Premium Membership here!

The Premium Membership is either $47 dollars per month or a yearly membership price of $359. As you can see with the yearly membership you are saving $205 which is an exceptional savings.


The Black Friday Special Is Spectacular!


Starting November 28th and being offered until December 1st!

The Black Friday Special Is $299

That is a 53% savings of $265  off the monthly membership plan, and an additional $60 savings off the yearly membership plan!

That Is Only 82 Cents Per Day! Less than $25 dollars per month!

There Is Absolutely Nothing To Compare To Wealthy Affiliate and There Is Absolutely Nothing To Compare To This Offer! 

There Is Absolutely No Where Else You Can Receive A Complete Education In Online Marketing!

With all the resources and all the tools and all the support 24/7/365 that is necessary to build your online income! 

Where Else Can You Receive A New Beginning For So Little?

So What Are Waiting For?



Act Now!




Black Friday


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