Handling Life’s Challenges!

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Everyone has challenges in life!


And handling life’s challenges can be daunting!

What people fail to realize when they start an online adventure, is that just because your online business lacks a physical structure it doesn’t make it any less of a business!

If you were starting a business with a physical store front, lacking previous experience, I don’t have to really tell you how overwhelming that could be.

Developing a business plan alone would be challenging. There would be the all the financial details, including loans, taxes, licenses, insurances, equipment, product, security systems, storm cloudpromotion etc.

Then if life’s challenges come into your life like a storm, you might lose it all!

I actually had a family member that this happened to. They had been building a quite successful carpet business and unfortunately had their home tied up in the business. It was a flood that destroyed their business and they lost their home.


There are many advantages to developing an online income!


The best advantage of starting an online business is that I can show you how to explore what the journey will involve absolutely FREE, and then you can decide if online marketing is something that is right for you!

Starting your online journey, if you have no previous experience, will take learning, planning and an investment of your time!

If you are willing to provide the effort, I would like to WAintroduce you to the Virtual Online Academy of Wealthy Affiliate where you will have all the training, tutorials, tools and support you will need to get started for FREE.

So without any financial investment you have the opportunity to explore the amazing world of online marketing and nothing to lose except a little bit of your time!


My only warning is – This is not a get rich quick plan!


Online marketing is a business!

And like any business it takes time and effort! The learning curve depends on you!

Some of us have more to learn then others. We all have different learning styles. And we all have different challenges in life.

For the challenges will be there!

Whether it is a full time job, family responsibilities, health challenges or any number of other responsibilities you may have.


Yet that is another significant advantage to online marketing!


You can build your business at whatever pace your life allows!

When you maintain the perspective that you are building Overcome the Challengean online income for your future, it will help you to hold onto your dream as you overcome life’s challenges!

I know this all too well. I started with precious little knowledge of even the computer.

So while I studied and learned I saw others who started at the same time as I did progress much more quickly.

Then life through me a couple more challenges and once again my progress was hindered.

I am the type of person though that keeps my eye on the rainbow at the end of the storm!Autumn Rainbow

I learned long ago, when faced with a struggle keep going, focusing each day on doing whatever it is that you can accomplish that day. No matter how small the step may be!

And you are here reading this now, because I did! 🙂

You see the important thing to remember is that it isn’t a race, it is an ongoing journey!

And if you are willing to persistently stay the course, you will achieve success in establishing and building your online income!


An income that leads to freedom!


There is an incredible freedom in being able to work where you want, whenever you want, dressed as you like, without having to be critiqued by others!

All you need is your computer and an internet connection! And the desire!


Do You Have That Desire?!


If you do, then let me help you get started!


Get Started Now

If you have any questions or thoughts you’d like to share, please feel free to leave them below! 🙂

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  • Hi Christa,
    Thanks for sharing the opportunity that exists within Wealthy Affiliate to counter life challenges.
    Many have actually made an income through online business and what Wealthy Affiliate offers would be a great start. I believe many more would benefit from this program if they just make their first move by joining the free starter account offered by Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks again Christa for the eye-opener.

    • Hi Norleila,
      Thank you so very much for your visit!
      Yes I personally have met many online marketers who are making a marvelous income online and work full time strictly online! And of course the wonderful part of that is they can work from wherever they like, and choose their own schedule.
      I agree that if people would just sign up for the free starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate the door will open to a wonderful new future for them!
      Christa 🙂

  • So much truth in keeping going no matter how hard it is ….. love your post about this opportunity to work from home ….i will sure check it out
    thanks for sharing

    • Christa

      Hi Corina,
      Thank you so very much for visiting! 🙂
      Yes, it is special to be able to work form home or from anywhere else that you choose as long as you have a laptop and an internet connection!
      There is a special freedom in that, but it can only happen if we work through the challenges!
      What most people fail to factor in is that there will always be challenges in life, yet we need to hold on to our dreams and our goals even in the midst of those challenges!
      Christa 🙂

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