New Start For The New Year!

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After Three Weeks Into The New Year Do You Have Your New Start For The New Year?

Last year an incredible treasure came into my life!

Because of this treasure I have had an amazing start to the New Year!

Now I would like to help you have a wonderful New Start to the New Year!

If you make your start today by the end of this year you could have a whole new future before you!fireworks

This is why I am celebrating and so excited!

You see, last year I discovered that there truly is a legitimate opportunity to learn Online Marketing and to build an Online Income!

I was in a situation that had me at home on a limited income. This is my story.

As I shared in my story I was introduced to Affiliate Marketing while recovering from an automobile accident.

Being new to the internet and having fallen victim to scams I had decided I would rather just seek online employment.

While seeking an income and seeking to avoid scams I was led to a marvelous site that introduced me to Wealthy Affiliate!

Wealthy Affiliate is the only completely legitimate and honest opportunity I have found online!

They are a Virtual Online Academy where you can learn everything you need to know to build an online income!

Where you have access to all the necessary tools needed to build your online income FREE!

And where you will find the most amazing Community that will support you every step of the way!

The Number One Attribute that gives accreditation to their legitimacy is the opportunity to Start FREE!

Not only can you Start FREE but you have 7 Days of Complete Access to the Complete Program when you sign up!

When you sign up no personal information is asked of you – No Phone Number, No Address, No Credit Card Number.

This is the only information you are asked for:

WA Sign Up
You can remain a FREE Member for as long as you desire!

After your 7 day tour and exploration of Wealthy Affiliate’s complete program and all Wealthy Affiliate has to offer, you will have the opportunity to join as a Premium Member for the first month at the special price of $19 which is a 59% discount of the Monthly Premium Membership of $47.

Here is a comparison chart of what is available as a FREE Member in comparison to a Premium Membership

Wealthy Affiliate Membership ComparisonIf you would like to read a marvelous article discussing this comparison click here.

As You Have Seen, As A Free Member You Receive Everything You Need To Explore And Discover If Affiliate Marketing Is For You!


You receive 2 FREE Siterubix Websites with FREE Templates for these websites and FREE state of the art, secure and fast Hosting!

You Have Access To The

Online Entrepreneur Certification Banner

Which Includes These 10 Lessons

Course One Lessons

You Also Have Access To The

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Banner

Which Includes These 10 Lessons

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Lessons

You also have the opportunity to participate in the Affiliate Program promoting Wealthy Affiliate if you choose!

You have your own Blog!

You have access to the Wealthy Affiliate FREE Keyword tool and 30 FREE searches on the exceptional  Jaaxy Keyword tool!

There is the FREE Rapid Writer tool!

And of the utmost importance you have an amazing Community of Entrepreneurs at all levels of success, including the owners themselves Kyle & Carson, who are active in the community on a daily basis!

You receive everything you need to begin to build a New Future!

So Why Not Make This Year Your Best Year Ever?


With A New Start For The New Year!

Get Started Today!

If you have any thoughts you would like to share please feel free to leave them below! 🙂 Share The Knowledge


  • Alexx

    This is really clean and simple and thorough! I wish I had seen it in all the time I was wasting money on other internet crap! Lol

    • Hi Alexx,
      Thank you for your visit even though it was a bit ago, lol.
      I am so sorry I didn’t respond to you before this but I am just getting back to work on my website after a very long battle with a severe health challenge!
      I wish you had seen this as well and I hope things are going well for you now!
      Christa 🙂

  • Hi Christa,

    Great article ,Building your own website is building your passive income, not others. WA is an excellent place for newbies even more experienced internet marketers..

    Keep up with the great job .

    Best regards,

    • Hi Robert,
      Thank you so very much for your visit!
      And thank you for your kind words!
      I agree that Wealthy Affiliate is excellent for both the newbie and the experienced marketer. Our community is a wonderful group of people, some who are totally new to internet marketing to others who have had great success for many years! As we all help one another!
      Yes, I will continue to develop my site to spread the word!
      Best regards to you as well,
      Christa 🙂

  • Building your own website is building your wealth, not others. Let’s make this year 2015 as best Year Ever.

    GOD Bless you…


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